gnaohmiknaol (raindropsdance) wrote,

yeah so all is the same.
nothing new here in college...nothing special really.

A lot of Russell:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Russell trying to eat noodles with chopsticks. His grade: C-

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
weird pic of him.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Pic of me being terrified.

Image hosted by
What's happening in that pic???!?!?

Image hosted by
Russell giving me a piggy back ride...
well it was fine until he dropped me.

Image hosted by

el fin.

there you go russell.

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You guys are amazing...have a good night
aweeeeeeeeeee. the lunch group.
Tell Colleen, MArzana, and Trisha I said hey and I missem'.

and YOU, too!. <3 <3
great pics. Seems like you guys are having a lot of fun at UF. That's cool. Party on!
hey, did you lose weight?

but wtf is up with your hair?
I dont think I lost weight...

My hair was in a clip...
my hair is crazy. I know.

no. i love your hair.

i meant russell, i thought this was his journal...

I miss you guys. I'm glad you all had fun.
I totally envy you.
I miss you guys so much!
I miss you too!